Wakeup Copenhagen, Borgergade

A modern, budget-friendly hotel in the city centre - close to attractions, shopping and city buzz

Christel Damm, General Manager

What makes your hotel so very special?

We have a uniform product and all rooms are lovely double rooms with free Wifi and air conditioning. Our location is quite exceptional. We are centrally situated with good access to the Metro and airport. Our hotel is in a cool design, we have a pleasant courtyard and in the lobby area our guests get a feeling that they are a part of the ‘street scene’.

What experience does a guest have when visiting you?

The guest has an out of the ordinary experience in relation to our modern design and quality versus price, which is reflected in the high demand. As a guest, you will experience good service everywhere and you get a concept that is simple and straightforward.

What experience does an employee have when working with you?

The individual employee is in focus. There is focus on motivation and sparring and you are given great responsibility. There is always a very short distance from idea to action and we have a short communication path between employees and director. We are efficient and you have great opportunity to influence both your own working day and the guest’s experience of the hotel.


Borgergade 9
1300 København K
Phone +45 4480 0090

Wakeup Copenhagen, Borgergade

Cool and modern budget hotel in Copenhagen – close to attractions and shopping in the chic part of the city.

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