Østerbro – The district of green areas

Fælledparken, Østre Anlæg, and Kastellet are just some of Østerbro's green retreats. You can take a walk at Kastellet, one of the defense's special historical buildings and one of Northern Europe's best-preserved fortifications. Walking along the water on the outer side of Kastellet, you come to Langelinie, where you find the Little Mermaid statue. This is also where the large cruise ships dock. Take a walk through the green areas of Østerbro and see the attractions along the way.

Attractions in Østerbro

The National Gallery of Denmark is located at the corner of Østre Anlæg, on the border between the city center and Østerbro. The museum is always worth a visit, both for its permanent exhibitions and changing displays. If you're interested in more museums, The Hirschsprung Collection is just on the other side of Østre Anlæg. Østerbro is Copenhagen's posh quarter, and it's also where many foreign embassies are located.

Fælledparken is the city's largest park, and every year it hosts events like carnivals, Opera in the Park, and much more. If you're a football enthusiast, you probably know that Parken, where the Danish national team plays their matches, is located on the edge of Fælledparken. On Østerbrogade and Nordre Frihavnsgade, you'll find a wealth of shopping opportunities. End the evening with a theater performance at Østre Gasværk and dine at one of the area's exclusive restaurants.

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