Mini Break with the family in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is an ideal destination if you're looking for a little break from your everyday life and want to take the whole family on a family-friendly mini break.

The city is accustomed to hosting families with children and is very accommodating to strollers and cargo bikes, making it easy to explore the entire city on sightseeing adventures.

Copenhagen boasts many fantastic playgrounds that offer fun challenges for the whole family, including Blegdamsremisen, the playgrounds in H.C. Ørstedsparken, and Naturcenter Amager.

Furthermore, you can take a little break at a cozy café and enjoy a cup of latte or cocoa in one of the many beautiful parks to complete the perfect mini break for the whole family.

Copenhagen is also suitable for older kids

If your children have outgrown strollers and playgrounds, there are still plenty of options. For example, visit the Zoological Museum, where you can take the kids back in time and marvel at the giant mammoth or see the skeleton of a whale

If your children are more curious, there are countless opportunities at the Experimentarium to explore the fascinating world. Get more inspiration for Copenhagen's attractions.

Accommodation that suits the whole family

Stay at one of Arp-Hansen Hotel Group's many hotels.

After a day filled with exciting experiences that have delighted your senses, it's essential to have a comfortable place to stay.

Arp-Hansen Hotel Group offers accommodation at our numerous hotels that are tailored to meet your needs and ensure a delightful mini break for the whole family in Copenhagen.

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