Visit the Freetown Christiania at Easter 2025

If you are spending your Easter holiday in Copenhagen, you should definitely visit Christiania. The ‘Freetown’, which has been a debated topic through the years with highly different stances among its debaters, has a lot to offer for locals, tourists and other visitors. Visit this beautiful city within the city and get an insight into a different side of Copenhagen.

Creativity blossoms in Christiania

What is Christiania exactly? It is an area of 34 hectares of land located as the nearest neighbour to Christianshavn with a lot to offer. Go for a walk around the small paths and roads, and you will quickly be absorbed by the many impressions that Freetown Christiania is known for.

No matter where you go, you will find creatively built houses in various colours, shapes and materials. A visit to the area will quickly give you an idea of its creative people living there. It is possible to walk around on your own, however, if you want all the stories about the Freetown, we recommend you to take the Christiania Tour. A guided tour where you can ask questions and learn more about living in this ‘city’, formerly a military barracks area.

Wild scenery in Freetown Christiania

Many locals use the wonderful green areas of Freetown Christiania when they need to relax and get away from the crowds and traffic in the city. On the outside of the ramparts, you can walk along the lake on the gravel path twisting around the backside of Christiania. If the weather is good, why not bring a blanket to sit down and enjoy the lake view. Enjoy your Easter holiday in the great outdoors and enjoy Christiania Copenhagen.

Driving in the area is only allowed for errands, which creates a unique sense of tranquility and fresh breeze compared to many other places in the capital city.

World famous skating park in Christiania

Together with local skaters from Copenhagen, the famous skater Tom Penny has built a skating ramp in ALIS Wonderland, a world renowned and acknowledged skating park established for skating enthusiasts. Wonderland is definitely worth a visit if you appreciate a young vibrant atmosphere and speed. The park also provides the settings for hip hop concerts and skateboard competitions in Copenhagen.

Easter holiday at Nemoland

The Freetown Christiania has many cafés and restaurants, and we definitely recommend including a late night visit to Café Nemoland in your Easter holiday program. The place has a great atmosphere at the bar and good music. Keep an eye on their program of events and activities; once in a while famous as well as unknown bands stop by to give free concerts.

Whatever you choose to do in this slightly different part of Copenhagen, you will guaranteed be one or more experiences richer after your visit. At the exit, the statement “U are now entering the EU” reminds us all that life, as most of us know it, goes on on the other side.

Make it easy – take the Copenhagen metro

There are many good transportation options to and from Christiania in Copenhagen. It is easy to get around with the metro, and if you alight at Christianshavn, you will be very close to the Freetown.

From the street ‘Prinsessegade’, which is located right next to the station, it only takes 10 minutes’ walk to and from Christiania’s main entrance.

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