Social – social conditions

Social conditions are close to our heart

For us at Arp-Hansen Hotel Group, the area of Social Conditions is close to our heart. Since we started, we have been owned by the same family, and it is to a large extent the Arp-Hansen family’s values that have today become the company’s values. 

Quite simply, it is an integral part of our DNA that we treat our employees properly and that we always strive for development.

The fact that all employees refer to the company as a family in everyday speech is a natural extension of our ownership and our consistent focus on decency. 

The area is in alignment with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal no. 8, which concerns decent jobs and economic growth, which is why we quickly adopted this goal as one of our most important benchmarks for our operations and management.

Trust – Presence – Ambitious

Three named values

Our daily management is based around three named values.

The first is trust, which we view as being both a family-related and a Danish core value. We believe that people grow, take more responsibility and have greater job satisfaction when they are shown trust – and get help when they need help.

The other is presence, which in our view is a direct extension of trust. Presence is about being present and showing genuine interest in the people around you. This applies whether it is your colleagues or the company’s guests.

The third is ambitious, and for us it is both a natural part of doing business and part of life in general. It's simply just a lot more fun and rewarding to constantly try to make things a little better. Setting a goal and succeeding in it provides equal parts job satisfaction and quality of life. 

Occupational health and safety (OHS)

A good working environment is good business

Of course it has to be safe and secure to go to work at Arp-Hansen Hotel Group. But we want a little more than that. We want our employees to be happier when they leave work than when they come to work.

And you can only do this if you are surrounded by colleagues who you can feel comfortable with and who you enjoy spending time with. The same applies even more to your manager.

Management training and team building 

We put a lot of effort into leadership training and supporting collegial community through team building and other activities. If an employee has a good idea, we listen with open ears. 

Whistleblower scheme

It is very important for us as a company that everyone who has an affiliation with Arp-Hansen Hotel Group feels confident that they can comment on censurable conditions without it having any negative consequences.

For this purpose, we have our Whistleblower system, which makes it possible for employees, guests, business partners, etc. to report censurable matters – anonymously or with name at their own discretion. Read more

Education, health insurance, technology utilisation and health check

It is no secret that working in the hotel industry can be physically challenging. There are many things to lift, move and clean. There is full speed ahead in the kitchens.

It is only natural to feel that you have used your body, but you should not feel worn out. The best way to avoid this is primarily through good education and optimal interior design.

At Arp-Hansen Hotel Group, we therefore place extra importance on training in e.g. lifting techniques, appropriate working positions, optimal workstations, etc. We ensure that everyone goes through a training programme tailored to their particular function. As a supplement, we also have our own fitness centre, where employees are free to train, as well as a permanent physiotherapist.

In addition, we are constantly working with technology in relation to reducing the physical hard work.

As part of our initiatives, all permanent employees either have a health plan or health insurance, and we offer health checks to selected employee groups.

As a company, we are certainly defined on the outside by our hotel buildings, but it is the employees within them who make up Arp-Hansen Hotel Group. If our employees are not thriving, our company is not thriving. So for us, a good working environment is simply good business.

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