Attractions in Copenhagen City Center

Copenhagen is a city characterized by its openness and diversity, providing a lively and ever-changing environment to explore throughout the year.

Regardless of which district you are in, you will have either water or parks nearby, where you can see the city's residents enjoying themselves. Throughout most of the year, these open spaces host a wide range of events, from ice skating and gourmet markets to concerts and more. Copenhagen K has it all, with attractions lined up side by side.

The historical Copenhagen K

Copenhagen K is the heart of the city. Explore the city's history and follow the thrilling walking tours that tell enchanting stories of Copenhagen's past. The tour leads you around many attractions in the center of Copenhagen, including Pisserenden, the popular name for some of the oldest lanes in inner Copenhagen, which were late to be connected to the sewage system.

Pistolstræde, named for its pistol shape, is one of the city's few remaining narrow streets or alleys. The area around Nyhavn is rich with stories from a time when carefree women and traveling merchants made their mark on the neighborhood. You can hear tales of both contemporary and historical figures who have lived and moved there, for better or worse. For example, Søren Kierkegaard attended Borgerdydskolen in inner Copenhagen from 1921-1930. Copenhagen K is often best explored on foot, allowing you to gaze upon the city's many stunning buildings.

Christian IV has influenced some of the city’s oldest buildings, such as the Stock Exchange, Rosenborg Castle, and the Round Tower. He aimed to make Copenhagen a trade hub, thus necessitating a stock exchange. Its construction started in 1618, but it only reached its current form in 1883.

You can also experience the city's stories from the water, where engaged guides narrate about the city during a canal tour, usually starting from Nyhavn. Lean back and relax with friends, perhaps with a picnic basket, while you enjoy the fresh air and view the city's attractions from a different perspective. Finish the day by visiting one of the many exquisite and cozy restaurants in the inner city.

Accommodations in Copenhagen K close to the attractions

The Arp-Hansen Hotel Group offers some of the city's finest hotels. Many of them are centrally located around Kongens Nytorv. Indulge in a stay in beautiful surroundings and book a hotel near the inner city attractions.

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