The Culture Night in Copenhagen

On 11 October, 2024, the city will once again open up for the largest recurring one-day event in Copenhagen. Culture Night is an evening filled with festivities, and the event has been one of Copenhagen's most beloved and well-attended cultural gatherings for many years.

On 11 October, 2024, it's time for this year's Culture Night in Copenhagen!

Join the city celebration at the annual Culture Night in Copenhagen!

The city is filled with exciting events, great vibes, and a bustling urban life when the doors open to more than 250 theaters, museums, churches, parks, squares, libraries, and ministries. Every year, you can look forward to fun, unique, and beautiful events that, together, showcase how Copenhagen excels at embracing diversity when the facets of cultural life are allowed to shine on Culture Night.

Culture Night in Copenhagen is a significant event for many families who use the evening to celebrate the start of the autumn holiday. The city's vibrant cultural scene merges and unites us all in inspiration and joy, which we can all benefit from. Get experiences beyond the ordinary and be part of the annual Culture Night in Copenhagen when it takes place.

Where in Copenhagen can I experience Culture Night?

In short, Culture Night is celebrated throughout Copenhagen. From the city center to Valby, Frederiksberg, Østerbro, Vesterbro, Nørrebro, Islands Brygge, Amagerbro, and Christianshavn, there's Culture Night excitement everywhere. The event is for both children and adults, and with a Culture Pass, you can travel freely on the Metro, buses, and trains during Culture Night. Culture Passes for children under 12 are free.

One great thing about Copenhagen is that you can also cycle from place to place and experience a variety of cultural events before the night is over. If you plan your evening in advance, you have a good chance of customizing your experiences to the fullest.

Program for Culture Night in Copenhagen

Traditionally, you can purchase a printed version of the program for Culture Night in Copenhagen. This way, you can have it with you and keep track of the ongoing events hour by hour.

Check out the program on Culture Night's official website

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