Nørrebro – A neighborhood evolving

Nørrebro is brimming with diversity, and here you can truly sense a city full of life.

It is a district that has lots of wonderful experiences and energy to offer. Nørrebro begins at Queen Louise's Bridge by the lakes and continues on both sides of Nørrebrogade to Nørrebro station.

Nørrebro is undergoing rapid development, and it is clearly an area that deserves to be visited and experienced.

Attractions in Nørrebro

The area around Blågårdsgade, Ravnsborggade, Guldbergsgade, and Elmegade is located on both sides of Nørrebrogade. These streets offer wonderful antique shops, fashionable clothing stores, music venues, cozy restaurants/cafes, and a cinema.

A bit further along Nørrebrogade lies Assistens Cemetery. Søren Kierkegaard, among others, is buried here.

On Jagtvej, you'll find the address of the formerly famous and infamous Ungdomshuset. On the same side of Jagtvej, a little further down, is a popular side street; Jægersborggade, which has evolved into a delightful oasis with designer shops, small galleries, and a lovely wine bar.

Nørrebro also has several good theaters, where you will surely have the opportunity to be entertained and challenged.

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From Nørrebro, it's easy to get around the city with public transportation, taxis, or bicycles.

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