Conference room in Copenhagen

Arp-Hansen Hotel Group is the largest hotel chain in Copenhagen and controls about 22% of the city's capacity. All our hotels in Copenhagen are centrally located, while Gentofte Hotel is situated approximately 10 km north of the center of Copenhagen in beautiful green surroundings.

The majority of our hotels offer conference facilities that can meet the needs of both large and small businesses. Our capacities range from smaller conference rooms accommodating about 10 people at Copenhagen Strand to the largest conference room at the Imperial Hotel, which can hold up to 200 people.

For larger-scale conferences, we have built the grand Tivoli Congress Center, which has the capacity for meetings, conferences, and other events with up to 4000 participants.

Conference with overnight stay

If you are planning a meeting, conference, or perhaps a Christmas event in Copenhagen, Arp-Hansen Hotel Group can help find the right facilities for your event.

We can, of course, offer accommodations in connection with meetings and conferences, and we continuously have a variety of special offers for unique conference experiences in Copenhagen.

Some offers are available at all our hotels, while others are specific to just one of our hotels. Read more about the various offers and additional packages or contact us for more information.

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