Vesterbro – A district rich in rawness, charm, and creativity

Explore your favorite neighborhood and breathe in the unique atmosphere and ambiance that the area's attractions can offer you. Vesterbro borders Sydhavnen, Valby, Frederiksberg, and Copenhagen K - areas that all contribute to Vesterbro's development.

Attractions in Vesterbro near your hotel

Vesterbro is a mix of youthfulness, families with children, and a vibrant cultural life. The Meatpacking District, close to Halmtorvet, offers cool galleries, delicious restaurants, and trendy nightclubs in the old slaughterhouses. Next to it, you have Øksnehallen, often hosting various cultural events. From there, you can take one of the small streets between Halmtorvet and Istedgade and turn left on Istedgade towards Enghave Plads. All the way down Istedgade, there are great shopping opportunities, where you can choose between well-known brands or more personal design. On the outskirts of Vesterbro lies a small town within the city: Humleby. A collection of building society houses from the bygone B & W, built for the workers back in 1884-95. Very close by stand the old Carlsberg buildings on the border to Valby. The venue Vega is near Enghave Plads – note the gate to the left of the entrance, leading to Basement, which might be hosting an exciting event you want to be part of. In Vesterbro, you also find the largest cinema in the Nordics, Imperial, often showing major action movies. In Vesterbro, you also have the opportunity to see some of the niche films that are hard to find elsewhere – for example, visit the cinema Vester Vov Vov. Near Vester Vov Vov, you'll find the Copenhagen City Museum, which can tell you everything about the city's history. All this and much more can be experienced in Vesterbro.

You could, for example, stay at the Imperial Hotel located in the heart of Vesterbro, or at The Square, also right next to Halmtorvet and Istedgade. Book your accommodation close to lively Vesterbro now.

Stay close to the attractions with Arp-Hansen Hotel Group

After a long day in the city searching for experiences and attractions, you can enjoy staying at one of the Arp-Hansen Hotel Group's wonderful hotels. Wakeup Copenhagen, Copenhagen Island, and Tivoli Hotel are all located in Vesterbro close to Kalvebod Brygge. Additionally, you can also stay at Imperial Hotel and The Square, all in the area around the Central Station and Tivoli. So if Vesterbro is one of your preferred areas in the city, there is plenty of opportunity to book a hotel that suits your needs.

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