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In our guide, you can read more about:

  • Outdoor activities
  • The green urban spaces
  • The city’s art and culture
  • Culinary Experiences

Outdoor Activities

Join us in the open urban spaces and feel the unique atmosphere that exists in Copenhagen. Whether you want to experience the city on two wheels, from the seaside, or take a walk in Tivoli Gardens, you can find plenty of options in our guide.

Biketrip in Copenhagen

After a day where the ideas have been allowed to flow freely, it is nice to go outside and feel the fresh air.

Rent a bike from the hotel and enjoy the city like the locals on two wheels. Explore the city's hidden gems, bike around the bridge areas, enjoy the lakes, or take a trip to Refshaleøen.

Experience the city in a new and cozy way where you can easily stop if something exciting catches your eye. If you're unsure about what you would like to see, our reception/concierge can always provide recommendations or good advice. 


When talking about Copenhagen, it is almost inevitable to think about the many charming canals and harbors found in the city.

Water plays a central role in the city's identity, and it is worth noting that Copenhagen's harbor, unlike many other major cities' harbors, is so clean that it is possible to take a dip in it.

The organization GreenKayak aims to contribute to keeping the harbor clean and therefore offers the opportunity to borrow a kayak, in exchange for collecting trash from Copenhagen's canals. This provides a great opportunity to unwind with a cozy communal activity.

Tivoli Gardens / Tivoli Food Hall

Step into a world of adventure and feel the cozy atmosphere by taking a stroll through the charming garden in Tivoli.

The many fairy-tale parts of the garden create a cozy atmosphere that invites you to settle down in the magical universe that opens up to you.

If hunger strikes, you can advantageously enter Tivoli Food Hall and have a culinary experience from every corner of the world in the spirit of Tivoli. Whether you want to try the rides or just wander around, Tivoli can offer you both.

A sentient stroll through the old Copenhagen

The magnificent square of Kongens Nytorv and the pictoresque Nyhavn are both situated just around the corner of our hotels and venues Copenhagen Strand and Phoenix Copenhagen.

Go outside for some fresh air and sensuous impressions, which will give you a break from the meeting - and some oxygen.

Enjoy a walk through the monumental and historic buildings at Kongens Nytorv and continue along the atmospheric canal and colourful houses of Nyhavn.

We have experienced that the combination of meetings and outdoor activities have a positive influence on creativity, and a walk’n’talk in the neighbouring area is an ideal chance to do just so.

In a little boat…

The canals in Copenhagen are not only used for swimming or kayaking, but also extensively for sailing around and viewing the old Copenhagen houses from the water's edge.

Experience Copenhagen from a new angle and explore the city's charming canals. Go on a canal tour where the route is fixed, or rent your own boat and enjoy the freedom to sail around in the cozy canals.

The possibilities are many. An afternoon on the water creates the perfect setting for a cozy end of the day, with the community in focus.

The green urban spaces

Copenhagen is much more than its many canals and cobbled streets. The city's green oases are important to mention when talking about activities in the city. It is perfect for those of you who want a relaxed stroll or a picnic in beautiful surroundings after a long day in the meeting room.

Frederiksberg Garden & Søndermarken

If you are looking to enjoy nature in the city, there are plenty of options. We recommend Frederiksberg Garden and Søndermarken.

These two parks are perfect for you if you are seeking large green areas where you can enjoy nature, the sound of birds chirping, and the many paths leading to different parts of the park. Frederiksberg Garden and Søndermarken stand out particularly because of their wide range of cultural opportunities.

Explore the various museums and historical sites that the parks have to offer. One of the notable gems that you should not miss in Frederiksberg Garden is the opportunity to peek into Copenhagen Zoo and watch the elephants enjoying their large outdoor area.

Botanical Garden

In the heart of Copenhagen lies the Botanical Garden, a true oasis filled with beautiful flowers, a fascinating butterfly house, and living plants.

The Botanical Garden is an idyllic place to spend the afternoon, where one feels embraced by nature. The park is filled with scents, flowers, and trees, all providing a sensory experience. With its central location, the park is the perfect spot for a picnic, which can be enjoyed in the beautiful surroundings.

The city’s art and culture

Copenhagen offers endless opportunities to experience inspiring museums, castles, and historical landmarks. Get inspired after your meeting and take a walk together through Danish cultural heritage.


If you are curious to explore the city's rich cultural heritage, then Rosenborg is a must-see.

In addition to experiencing the beautiful castle and its history, you can also explore Rosenborg's highlight; the treasury beneath the castle with the Danish crown jewels.

Step into a part of Danish history and learn about the castle's role in Danish cultural heritage while enjoying the beautiful architectural details.

The Glyptotek

One of the notable museums Copenhagen has to offer is the Glyptotek.

The museum is known for its combination of art, history, and architecture. However, the museum is not only known for its art installations, but also for their cozy oasis which is the hub of the museum with a small café, where you can enjoy all the magnificent things the Glyptotek has to offer.

Therefore, the Glyptotek is a good choice if you are a group that does not have the greatest interest in art in its purest form, as it has much more to offer.

The Round Tower

Are you looking for a fresh perspective and a breathtaking view?

Then you can with great advantages visit the Round Tower. Experience the view over the rooftops of Copenhagen, explore the library hall, and see Europe's oldest functioning observatory.

The Round Tower offers a range of cozy group activities, ideal for groups wanting to experience it together without the need to split up.

Culinary experiences

Let the rest of the day be marked by community. The Copenhagen gastronomy has become a characteristic of the city, so why not learn more about the culinary universe together? The opportunities are plentiful, whether you want to attend a cooking class together or learn more about the local breweries, there is an option that can be tailored to you.

Cooking class

How about seizing the opportunity to get closer to each other through a group activity where learning and fun go hand in hand?

In recent years, Copenhagen has cemented its status as a gastronomic hotspot – a perfect occasion to integrate this into your visit. It can be challenging for a group to find an activity where everyone can actively participate, but a cooking class hits the mark every time. It is very much about collaborating in new ways and having good and effective communication, something you can experience at both Meyers and Timm Vladimirs Kitchen.

Dive into Copenhagen's cooking classes and discover how you can tackle culinary challenges, create fun moments, and most importantly, strengthen your community.

Beer tasting

Are you a group of beer enthusiasts, or are you just looking for a new and fun experience together?

Head to Nørrebro Brewery for a beer tasting and dive into the brewery's history, explore the secrets behind a good beer, and taste a selection of the classic brews to the more avant-garde varieties.

A fun and exciting experience that will not only enrich your taste buds but also strengthen the community among the participants.

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