Phoenix Copenhagen

Newly renovated hotel with exclusive atmosphere and elegance in central Copenhagen

Julie Heinen, General Manager

What makes your hotel so very special?

Phoenix Copenhagen is a unique and exclusive hotel in a historic building. There is a special ambience and mood here, which you can feel as soon as you enter. We have a variety of guests and our services address business and leisure guests.

What experience does a guest have when visiting you?

You are always given a warm welcome and encounter personal service right away. We know the guest’s needs, even before the guest knows what those are. You get an out of the ordinary luxury experience with us in aristocratic surroundings where the atmosphere is also warm and cordial.

What experience does an employee have when working with you?

We work as a team and the spirit is that we support each other because the little extra effort from everyone helps to make the big difference.

It is important that personnel feel appreciated and privileged because then you are always ready and want to help each other and our guests. We are a family and we look out for each other.


Bredgade 37
DK- 1260 København K
Phone +45 3395 9500

Phoenix Copenhagen

Atmosphere and elegance in the centre of Copenhagen – close to attractions and shopping.

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