Environmental policy

At Arp-Hansen Hotel Group, we support a greener Denmark and wish to contribute to a more sustainable development. All of Arp-Hansen Hotel Group’s existing hotels, as well as Tivoli Congress Center, are environmentally certified by the Green Key, just like our newly built hotels and facilities are established with the purpose to become environmentally certified.

The criteria for receiving a Green Key certification consist in the fulfilment of a wide range of mandatory and optional requirements within 12 main areas: environmental management, staff involvement, guest information, water, laundry and cleaning, waste, energy, food products, smoking and indoor climate, outside areas, green activities and administration. Learn more here.

Keeping in mind our aim to provide guest experiences with a high level of comfort, we wish to maintain and extend our environmental efforts for a greener Denmark by: 

  • Reducing our waste and waste substances as well as bringing down our consumption of energy and water where feasible.
  • Using goods which have the lowest possible strain on the environment.
  • Demanding that our suppliers provide services and products which fulfil the requirements of Green Key.
  • Ensuring that all taps in our hotel rooms are fitted with water saving devices. Guests experience a soft and pleasant flow of water, but only use around half the water that normally comes out of the taps.
  • Only using cleaning products and soap/shampoo that are environmentally labelled.
  • Offering 100% smoke-free hotel rooms and restaurants.
  • Ensuring that every time we change a light bulb, we replace it with a low energy bulb (where possible).
  • Only washing our linen at an environmentally labelled laundry.
  • Assisting our guests in finding healthy and green activities during their stay at our hotels.
  • Dealing with environmental issues and set environmental targets in an open and positive dialogue with customers, employees, authorities, suppliers, organisations and other interested parties.