Choose to stay at one of our hotels in Copenhagen

At Arp-Hansen Hotel Group, we have focused on excelling locally, and therefore all our hotels are located in the center of Copenhagen (except for Gentofte Hotel, which is about 8 km north of central Copenhagen). This has proven to be a wise decision, as in 2010, when Arp-Hansen Hotel Group celebrated its 50th anniversary, we were proud to account for about one-fifth of Copenhagen's total pool of hotel rooms. Choosing to stay at one of our hotels in Copenhagen, we ensure you a great experience with top-notch atmosphere and service.

Each hotel has a unique atmosphere

At Arp-Hansen Hotel Group, we emphasize that our hotels each have their unique atmosphere, so we don't standardize our hotels like many of the large international hotel chains do. Instead, we design each hotel according to the building's history and location. This makes each hotel distinct. However, what is consistent across our hotels is the high level of service and competent staff, ensuring you a pleasant stay.

New and trendy or full of history?

Arp-Hansen's hotels in Copenhagen are vastly different – some are in modern buildings with contemporary and trendy designs, while others are housed in older buildings dating back to the 1800s, where the decor is classic. So no matter what style you prefer – old or modern, traditional or trendy – you can find a hotel that suits you. In terms of price, our hotels range from exclusive to budget-friendly, so you can find an option that fits your budget. Book your hotel room here on this page and look forward to a great vacation in Copenhagen.

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