Modern and affordable hotels in the center of Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a beautiful capital city

Copenhagen has several different neighborhoods each with its own atmosphere. When you visit Copenhagen, it's important to choose a hotel with the right location, as this ensures you experience Copenhagen from its best side. A hotel in central Copenhagen gives you the best view of the city.

Arp-Hansen's 12 hotels are all centrally located in Copenhagen – except for Gentofte Hotel, which is in beautiful natural surroundings in Gentofte about 10 km north of Copenhagen. Read more about Arp-Hansen's hotels and their locations here on this page.

Location by Copenhagen's waterfront

Copenhagen's waterfront has undergone a transformation in recent years and today stands super modern with beautiful new buildings in glass and metal, and it's perfect if you're staying at a hotel in the center of Copenhagen.

Arp-Hansen Hotel Group has three hotels located at Copenhagen's waterfront, Copenhagen Island, Tivoli Hotel, and the budget hotel Wakeup Copenhagen. All are hotels with a price guarantee, free Wi-Fi, delicious breakfast, and a fantastic central location for hotels in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Island is a modern and stylish hotel, not officially star-rated but offers a unique and luxurious experience.

Tivoli Hotel is also not officially rated but stands at a high level of comfort and service. The hotel has themed rooms in the style of Copenhagen's amusement park Tivoli and also offers a delicate experience at the delicious sushi restaurant on the 14th floor, with views over Copenhagen.

Wakeup Copenhagen is Arp-Hansen Hotel Group's budget hotel – a 2-star hotel offering affordable stays, but with comfort that easily matches many of the city's 3-star hotels, and it's a hotel in central Copenhagen.

Common to these three hotels is their central location along Copenhagen's modern waterfront and just a few minutes into the center of Copenhagen.

Location by Copenhagen's City Hall Square

For many, Copenhagen's City Hall Square is the absolute center of the city, and it is also where most start their exploration of Copenhagen. City Hall Square is one of the busiest places in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen's City Hall Square is located between Vester Voldgade and H.C. Andersen Boulevard and is close to several of the city's museums, the amusement park Tivoli, the shopping street Strøget, and of course, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants in the area.

Stay at one of Arp-Hansen's hotels in the area, and you are sure to be staying at a hotel with a great location. The Square and Hotel Imperial are all in this area, offering high quality and good service, and staying here means more than just being central.

You will also be in the epicenter of the glare from the colorful light advertisements, smell the popcorn from Dagmar Cinema, and have a fantastic view of life in the Copenhagen streets.

For hotels in central Copenhagen, you can't find better than Arp-Hansen Hotel Group.

Location at Kongens Nytorv

Kongens Nytorv is also one of Copenhagen's key hubs. The neighborhood is one of the most exclusive in Copenhagen, offering great opportunities for shopping luxury brands, enjoying gourmet food, and generally indulging oneself.

Amalienborg, the Royal Theater, and Marble Church are all within reach, so there are plenty of sights to explore. The charming Nyhavn also leads up to the square.

Strøget also ends at this large square. At Kongens Nytorv, you'll also find Copenhagen's first telephone kiosk, which was used as both an advertising column, a newspaper kiosk, and a phone booth - so one didn't need to have a home phone subscription.

Arp-Hansen's hotels Phoenix Copenhagen, 71 Nyhavn Hotel, and Copenhagen Strand are all located in this area and staying at any of these hotels ensures you experience Copenhagen from its most beautiful side. You won't find hotels more centrally located in Copenhagen.

Staying here, you're sure to get the best out of the city.

Stay well in the center of Copenhagen

Are you also looking for a hotel in central Copenhagen? Arp-Hansen Hotel Group has the most popular hotels in Copenhagen Center. Copenhagen is a big city with various neighborhoods each having its own charm.

However, most prefer to stay in a hotel as close to the center of Copenhagen as possible to make the most of the city, and there are good reasons for that. It's important to have a good central base when visiting a big city, as it's easier to navigate and explore the city than if you're staying far from the city core.

Arp-Hansen Hotel Group has 10 well-located hotels in central Copenhagen and one about 10 km north of Copenhagen, in Gentofte, where there are beach and forest nearby. Here, you're guaranteed to stay at a hotel in the middle of Copenhagen K, at the best addresses.

Stay a stone's throw from Copenhagen's City Hall Square

For many, Copenhagen's City Hall Square is synonymous with the city center, and there are many advantages to staying as centrally as at the City Hall Square. And Arp-Hansen has several good hotels in central Copenhagen, for example, Imperial Hotel and The Square, which are just a stone's throw from the City Hall Square.

Choosing to stay at one of these central hotels, you're close to, among other things, the old amusement park Tivoli, the pedestrian street Strøget, and many of the city's museums and cultural institutions.

You also live right in the middle of Copenhagen's café and restaurant life, and there's plenty of entertainment in the form of cinemas, theaters, and bars, so you won't get bored in this area. The City Hall Square is also a transport hub, so there are plenty of options for exploring the area outside Copenhagen.

For example, it only takes about 30 minutes by train from Copenhagen Central Station to Malmö in Sweden, so if you have time, it's a great idea to combine a visit to Copenhagen with a quick trip to Malmö.

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