Copenhagen Island

Copenhagen Island - a uniquely designed hotel in Copenhagen

Anne Louise Poulsen, General Manager

What makes your hotel so very special?

We are a modern design hotel with stunning inflow of light everywhere in the building by Copenhagen Waterfront. The hotel is designed by Kim Utzon and, on the one hand, is very Nordic in character while, on the other, has an international atmosphere.

What experience does a guest have when visiting you?

We are characterised by an attentive and professional guest service in all departments and we are extremely flexible. We really go out of our way for our guests and rarely say no. Focus is on the guest, who experiences fast action and follow-up on any challenges. This comes from the personnel’s high degree of freedom to make independent decisions.

What experience does an employee have when working with you?

We are a committed team with long lengths of service. We work well together in the departments and across all departments, which also is expressed in good unity outside of working hours. Our tone is characterised by humour and we dare to always be honest with each other. Employees do not have management breathing down their necks and are often consulted in management’s decisions. This is a workplace with a high degree of freedom and the individual employee is allowed, and is competent, to make his or her own decision in complicated situations.


Kalvebod Brygge 53
DK – 1560 København V
Phone +45 3338 9600

Copenhagen Island

An elegant design hotel with a superb location at Copenhagen’s waterfront.

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