Luxury hotels in Copenhagen

Make the most of your holiday

Experience Copenhagen at its best and stay at one of our delightful 4-star hotels. Our luxurious hotels are located in the center of Copenhagen, within walking distance to exciting attractions, great dining places, and lively cafes.

Unmatched service and comfort level

Enjoy the city and return to the hotel for comfort and pampering. Our competent staff is ready to assist with questions or special requests - in short, we offer you an exquisite hotel experience!

Indulge yourself with experiences and great food

Our luxury hotels are situated in the heart of Copenhagen, within walking distance to the city's most exciting attractions and the vibrant café and city life. Read about our 4-star hotels here:

Also, try one of our gourmet restaurants, offering you a fine gastronomic experience in beautiful surroundings. Read more about them here.

Get a truly sublime experience

For that very special occasion or for those of you who need extra pampering, the solution is to rent your very own private suite.

Make the wedding night extra special or invite your partner or spouse for an exclusive stay in a suite at one of Arp-Hansen's luxury hotels.

Book your own suite

A suite consists of two rooms – a living room and a bedroom ensuite, and the suites are the ultimate most luxurious option for a fantastic stay in Copenhagen.

You can book a suite at one of our hotels directly online on this site or contact us for more information at phone +45 8030 3045.

Stay at our luxury hotels in Copenhagen

We offer top-class luxury hotels in Copenhagen. You are always guaranteed a central location and peaceful surroundings at all our hotels.

All rooms are furnished with exquisite designer furniture in a timeless design, creating a light and pleasant atmosphere. You'll have an experience beyond the ordinary and will find that you get much more than a normal hotel stay at a luxury hotel.

What does this entail?

It includes large comfortable beds, luxurious products for body and hair, unparalleled restaurants, and only the best service from our competent hotel staff.

We can guarantee that you'll have a luxurious stay in Copenhagen at one of our unique and luxurious hotels. Here, you can feel at home away from home.

71 Nyhavn Hotel

A hotel with understated elegance and a superb location at Nyhavn in Copenhagen. For 200 years, Nyhavn 71 has been located between the foamy sprays from the harbour and life along the Nyhavn Canal.

Copenhagen Island

An elegant design hotel with a superb location at Copenhagen’s waterfront.

Copenhagen Strand

Nordic light and discreet luxury at the waterfront.

The Square

A trendy and sophisticated design hotel at the City Hall Square in Copenhagen.

Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center

A stylish and spectacular hotel with luxury facilities.

Phoenix Copenhagen

Atmosphere and elegance in the centre of Copenhagen – close to attractions and shopping.

Imperial Hotel

A fusion of tradition, innovation and an international atmosphere in the heart of Copenhagen.

Gentofte Hotel

A charming and stylish hotel in scenic surroundings.

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