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SEA by Kiin Kiin – A restaurant in Copenhagen

Enjoy the atmosphere and the Southeast Asian cuisine at SEA by Kiin Kiin. The restaurant is decorated with respect for the old warehouse and a clear reference to the 1930s Hong Kong.

Does the name sounds familiar to you? Then it is because we have teamed up with Michelin Star Kiin Kiin; one of the leading restaurants in the city. The dishes is some of the best known from Kiin Kiin – as a la carte dishes. The menu card includes 30 different dishes from DKK 95; and you can combine as many as you wish. Here we will recommend four dishes.

The restaurant has room for 60 guests, and the opening hours is all year round from 12 noon to 11 pm. In addition there is built a special table inside the kitchen, where there is room for 6 people. This idea has the working title Kiin Kiin Journey.

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71 Nyhavn Hotel