Arp-Hansen Hotel Group receives prize for Best Energy Utilisation of 2016

At Arp-Hansen Hotel Group, we are delighted to be the proud winners of the prize ‘Best Energy Utilisation of 2016’, which was presented by Greater Copenhagen Utility (HOFOR) in June 2017.
The prize goes to our Wakeup hotel in Borgergade, which has shown an energy utilisation out of the ordinary and contributed exceptionally positively to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the capital city. With the aim to optimise energy utilisation and contribute to a greener Copenhagen, Wakeup Borgergade uses the district cooling services of Greater Copenhagen Utility; as do many of our other hotels.

At Arp-Hansen Hotel Group, we value the great environmental, financial and operational advantages of district cooling. First of all, district cooling enables us to contribute to a greener capital by reducing CO2 emissions. Also, several financial benefits exist, and we are able to minimise operation and maintenance costs, as operation and distribution are centrally run at the district cooling centres of Greater Copenhagen Utility.
In our mission to optimise energy utilisation, Greater Copenhagen Utility has elected us as the best CO2-saving client in 2016 out of 40 commercial buildings in Copenhagen, and we are proud of having contributed to the realization of a CO2-neutral Copenhagen by 2025. 
As a reward, Arp-Hansen Hotel Group’s technical team managed by Jack Hellweg Bengtsson received a diploma and a cooling prize for the entire head quarter.