MASH opens on top of Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center

When Tivoli Hotel & Congress Centre's expansion is completed, you will find MASH Penthouse on the top floor.

From 15 October you can enjoy a tasty and perfectly cooked steak at MASH Penthouse on the 12th floor in the new part of the Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center after a cozy day out in Copenhagen, a business meeting or a conference.

"Arp-Hansen Hotel Group's cooperation with MASH is a perfect alliance between two experienced players in the Copenhagen tourist industry. Together we create new settings for tourist and conference guests in Copenhagen "says Dorte Krak, CEO of Arp-Hansen Hotel Group about the cooperation.

At MASH, taste and sensory experience goes hand in hand. It combines well with Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center, where a hotel stay is not just a hotel stay, a conference is not just a conference. Paying attention to the details, so the guests have the best experience - and the same is in evidence at MASH.

At the indoor area of the restaurant there is space for 90 diners, and when the weather permits, the 
guests can move out to the open terrace, where 60 guests can enjoy a delicious steak with the view of the skyline of Copenhagen.

The new restaurant will be an exciting addition to Tivoli Hotel & Congress Centre's current restaurants respectively Tivoli Brasserie and Sticks'n'Sushi.