Vacation in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a beautiful Scandinavian city with an array of exciting sights and experiences. Copenhagen is world famous for its gastronomy and design, and has a very large young population, which keeps the city dynamic and vibrant all year round. 

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Travelling with children

If you’re travelling with children, either teenagers or young children, Copenhagen has a lot to offer. 

Kids of all ages will enjoy a trip to Tivoli – one of the world’s oldest amusement parks. We can even offer accommodation in the newly built Tivoli Hotel in central Copenhagen, which offers unique rooms and will no doubt be a great experience for the whole family. 

Another great place in Copenhagen is the Zoo, where kids and adults can spend a day with lions, giraffes and penguins and see the elephants in their new house – a beautiful and modern building designed by Norman Foster. 

Different seasons in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is located in the northern part of Europe and the rhythm of the city follows the daily amount of sunlight closely.

Summertime in Copenhagen means long, bright nights and a lot of outdoor activities. In the summertime you can go swimming in the inner harbor or have a picnic in one of Copenhagen’s beautiful parks.

Winter time is the high season for “hygge” – it doesn’t translate well, but if you visit Copenhagen in the autumn or winter, you will definitely understand the concept. The Danes gather inside in the city’s cafés and restaurants and drink hot cocoa in the glow from candlelights.

This season is all about indoor activities, good foods and drinks. Around Christmas the whole city is lit by electrical candles and has several skating rinks where you can rent a pair of skates.

Copenhagen is a beautiful and interesting city to visit and each season has its own charm.