Enjoy your holiday in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the perfect spot for a weekend trip or a longer holiday – the beautiful Scandinavian city of Copenhagen has a lot to offer when it comes to culture, architecture, design and great restaurants. 

Book your room in one of our centrally located hotels and enjoy your holiday in Copenhagen! 

Explore beautiful Copenhagen

Like every larger city Copenhagen consists of several areas or boroughs, which each has a specific atmosphere. 

Nørrebro and Vesterbro are young and trendy, culturally diverse neighborhoods with a large student population. Here you’ll find trendy cafés and bars, up-and-coming design boutiques and art galleries. 

Frederiksberg and Østerbro are Copenhagen’s upscale neighborhoods with large parks and nice boulevards and with plenty of space. 

The city centre is bustling with life and here you’ll find most of Copenhagen’s most famous sights. 

 Our hotels are located in central Copenhagen within walking distance to many of the city’s interesting sights and shopping streets, in order to give our guests the best experience in Copenhagen. 

Romantic holiday in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the perfect city to visit for a romantic holiday. The old center of Copenhagen still has picturesque narrow cobblestone streets and beautiful old buildings dating back to the 17th century, and Copenhagen is also a very green city with many nice parks all over the city.

In the city center The King’s Garden and Østre anlæg are the most popular parks, where many Danes spend their summer afternoons and nights with picnic and games. The innercity lakes are also a nice place to take a romantic stroll -Copenhagen has three lakes stretching from Frederiksberg to Østerbro.

In the winter time Copenhagen is lit by millions of lights and skating rinks emerge throughout the city. To every season there’s a different atmosphere in Copenhagen, but the city maintains its romantic feeling and beauty throughout the year.