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“Fisketorvet” and Easter go hand in hand

Should Easter in Copenhagen be spent on fun for the entire family? Then, a day at ‘Fisketorvet’ could be the ideal solution and especially a success for rainy days.

Shopping holiday or family trip? Either way, you can easily spend a whole day at Fisketorvet, which offers plenty of possibilities and fun things to do. The mall has a wide range of shops, where most people will go to for great deals on famous brands, and shops for the little ones.
Children and parents do not always have the same understanding of a great Easter holiday, but Fisketorvet in Copenhagen offers unique opportunities for an enjoyable day for everyone.
, you will find our suggestions for activities for a day at Fisketorvet.

Fisketorvet: Shopping opportunities

At Fisketorvet, shopping is naturally the no. 1 thing to do on the list because Fisketorvet undoubtedly is a shopping mecca for true shopping enthusiasts. To make sure you get a good start on the day, why not spend the morning looking at the many shops at Fisketorvet. It is often a success for the children, especially if they are about 10 years or older because there are plenty of good clothing shops.
For the younger ones, there are good toyshops, and if you are a sporty family, you can find some great sports shops. Fisketorvet shopping provides opportunities for the whole family.

Go for a café visit

After a few hours of holiday shopping and a craving stomach, try one of the cafés or visit one of the small restaurants where you can find something eatable for the whole family.
You can either go to one of the trendy places like Joe & The Juice or The First Lady, or go for a quick meal at Sunset, Pizza House or Just Thai depending on what kind of food you prefer. It can be hard to shop on an empty stomach, so it is important to get something to eat before you can go for another round at Fisketorvet Shopping!

A trip to ‘Cinema Fisketorvet’

After a good meal and a quick second round of shopping, you will probably need to rest and enjoy some family time in a different way.

In Cinemaxx Fisketorvet, one of the best cinemas in Copenhagen, you can enjoy a good movie together with some popcorn, a little bit of candy mix and a cold soda. Let the fun begin in ‘Cinema Fisketorvet’!

Delicious dinner at Fisketorvet

After a good movie, it is time to go for a delicious dinner at one of the many restaurants at Fisketorvet. If you like juicy American style steaks, we highly recommend The President. If you prefer spicy food, try the Indian Mexican Restaurant, and if you have a penchant for French cuisine, the Grand Vue offers a delicious menu and view at Islands Brygge.

There are many opportunities to get a delicious meal during the Easter holidays before you head back home to the hotel. 

The hotels nearby

Fisketorvet is a centrally located shopping center, and you will find many wonderful hotels nearby where you can book accommodations for your Easter holiday 2018. 

For instance, you will find Tivoli Hotel near the fantastic Tivoli Gardens, while the Utzon-designed Copenhagen Island is located on an artificial island at the harbour. Another alternative could be the low-price hotel Wakeup Copenhagen which is very centrally located.

Get more ideas for your  Easter holiday.

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