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Visit Round Tower in Copenhagen

The capital of Denmark is lovely in many ways but no views are so beautiful like the one you get from the top of the Round Tower – one of the fantastic buildings that Christian the 4th left Copenhagen. Go for the walk in Easter 2017.

How tall is the Round Tower? Where is the Round Tower? Who built the Round Tower?

Facts about Round Tower: Round Tower is 41,55 meters tall and was built by Christian the 4th and finished in 1642.With the location on Købmagergade attracts thousands of staring eyes every day.

The tower is one of Copenhagen’s major attractions which often held shows at the top of outstanding building. Round Tower goes back many years and a few Danish kings managed to put so large and lasting footprints of their reign ad Christian the 4th did. Both in terms of military and economic decline but also in the form of interest in the construction of innovative buildings.

It was among other things to “Højhuset”, Holmen’s Church, “Nyboder”, “Børsen”, Rosenborg Castle and not least the Round Tower; one of today’s most visited tourist attractions in central Copenhagen.

A unique view from the Round Tower

If you can take the walk of the 209 meters long spiral ramp inside the Round Tower you come up to the viewing platform which is located 34,8 meters above street level. Here you can take a view of virtually the entire Copenhagen.

You can see the old Latin Quarter, “Vor Frue” church and a lot of other famous buildings which has a great history in the city. On a beautiful spring day in the Easter holiday you can get a unique view of the city which homes about a fifth of the Danish population.

See prices for entry the Round Tower at the bottom


The original purpose of Round Tower

Round Tower was built together “Trinitatis” Church located on the backside of the tower seen from Købmagergade and it was a bit of a knowlegde-center with university library halfway up the spiral ramp, an astronomical observatory at the top and the church which at the time was a dominant and powerful institution because of the religion in the society.

The observatory is actually the oldest in function of its kind while the library which previously attracted about 10.000 works serves today as a show- and concert hall.

A fun challenge for the kids

The climax for a visit is for the most people the viewing platform with the incredible view over Copenhagen but for the children’s trip up and down the ramp is at least as much a highlight.

You’ll have to fight to climb the more than 200 meter ramp going up to the platform and it take some time depending on how big kids who are with you.

At the same time the kids loves the trip down and here it’s important to hold back the kids a little bit who would like to speed down the ramp. It’s actually not without risk. But it’s a fun feeling almost being forced to “hold back” all the way down.

Round Tower: Prices and opening hours

One of the benefits of the Round Tower is that it’s a cheap attraction to visit where the whole family gets good value for the money.
It only costs 25 DKK per adult and 5 DKK for children aged 5-15 years to get up and see Copenhagen’s finest views in one of the most beautiful buildings that ever been built in Denmark. Children under 5 years are for free.
Round Tower opens at 10:00 and closes at 18:00 every day in the Easter holiday. If you’re leaving late you may want to combine it with dinner nearby at one of the many delicious restaurants in Copenhagen.

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