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Visit Tivoli for April 2017

Fun rides and beautiful areas in central Copenhagen. Tivoli’s fantastic when spring arrives so why not go for a late Easter holiday 2017 and visit Tivoli?

“Christmas lasts until Easter” and with us lasts Easter until April” Whether you’re a child or a child by heart it’s a success to visit Tivoli at Ester – even if it’s a late Easter holiday in April. The weather is often better at this time and you have the days to visit Copenhagen’s funniest playground more than once. Enjoy!

A world of amusement in Copenhagen

Buy a ‘tour pas’ or tickets and you’re ready to try the more than 25 rides that every day brings smiles at adults as little ones.

Amusements: There’s the Golden Tower, the Demon and the “Sky Ship” for the cool ones who either have problems with heights is the “Odinekspressen”, the “Snurretoppen” and the “Ballon swing” for those who likes a speed. And there’s the Carousel, the Vintage Cars, the Dragon Boats etc., which particularly is a success with the youngest.

There are rides for all ages in Tivoli at Easter and there are also all the arcades with fun games such as the “Andedammen”, ball throwing, shooting, “Galoppen”, Wheel of fortune and much more.

See more amusements at Tivoli’s website.

Romantic stay in your Easter holiday

Do you want a romantic Easter holiday with your boyfriend, wife or husband where you have to enjoy the evenings, and Tivoli offers good possibilities for this.

When it’s getting darker is Tivoli one of the most beautiful places to eat. The restaurants are romantic and you can after dinner go for a walk in the gardens magical light. You can sit and enjoy the water fountains, walk around the lake with ‘dragon boats’ or just walk around in the whole park. At last you can go “home” to the hotel and enjoy each other’s company. 

Book an Easter stay at the Tivoli Hotel

There’re many great hotels in Copenhagen. One of the most attractive is the Tivoli Hotel which actually is located right by Tivoli and “Dybbølsbro” Station. Staying on Tivoli Hotel at Easter it becomes easy to reach the many fun amusements and delicious restaurants.

You can book everything from a one-night stay to a week or more, depending on how long you and your family or just the boyfriend would like to enjoy the late Easter holiday in the capital of Denmark – Copenhagen. There’re many attractions to experience in Copenhagen why it’s no problem to spend the week, whether you seek romance or child-friendly places. 

Ideal transportation opportunities in your Easter holiday

Tivoli is located in central Copenhagen. The main entrance can be spotted directly from Copenhagen Central Station and the way to Tivoli Hotel is either no challenge. A week with amusements may become too much if it’s a longer Easter holiday in April you wants, but the location near the Central Station means that you easily can get to all parts of the city and visit different attractions.

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