Visit the Experimentarium at Easter

NB: Experimentarium City on Papirøen has closed.  Instead, visit the newly renovated Experimentarium in Hellerup.


Do you want to challenge your brain and expand your knowledge in a fun and different way during your Easter holiday? Then bring your loved one, family or perhaps your neighbour to the Experimentarium.

The Experimentarium offers a world of possibilities and areas to explore. It is a science centre that you will definitely leave wiser than when you came. Maybe you will even have demystified some of the things that used to puzzle you. From the bodily functions to the mysteries of the universe; regardless of your age, you will definitely find something interesting and educational for both children and adults. In other words, the Experimentarium is ideal for both families and couples looking for an alternative adventure together at Easter.

Find the most recent research at the Experimentarium

The Experimentarium has gathered extensive knowledge, which originates from the many experiments carried out each day by their own researchers. In addition, they keep themselves updated with the most recent and groundbreaking discoveries made by fellow researchers around the world. As such, you will always return home with new exciting knowledge and experiences after a visit to the Experimentarium.

The exhibitions are regularly renewed in accordance with the latest discoveries, and you can watch extraordinary films in their cinema about the mysterious and remarkable space, which only very few get to explore in real life.

Combine the Experimentarium with your Easter holiday

If you want more than one day at the Experimentarium or perhaps want to combine it with a well-deserved holiday, the science centre is very close to Copenhagen, and several hotels are located nearby. Choose between exclusive luxury hotels, perfect for a romantic getaway, or more budget-friendly hotels that are very popular among families with children.

It is easy to get to the Experimentarium by car, bike, S-train or bus, so you can visit the exciting place at almost any time of the day – within their opening hours.  

Find your way to the Experimentarium

After a major renovation, the Experimentarium has opened its doors again to the public primo January 2017 in Hellerup. There are good transportation options to the destination. If you go by car, you can find your way to the Helsingør motorway (19) and take exit 2 – Tuborg, which will take you to the science centre. Alternatively, rent a bike and enjoy a beautiful bike trip along the waterfront.

You can also use public transportation, which takes you there easily and fast. Take the S-train and alight at either Hellerup station or Svanemøllen station to walk from there, or take a bus. You will also find buses that go all the way to the Experimentarium.

Prices for your Easter visit to the Experimentarium

Buying an entrance ticket to the Experimentarium gives you access to its facilities the entire day, so you will have plenty of time to lose yourself in the vast variety of projects and exhibitions. The entrance fee ranges from DKK 105-195 per person, while entrance is free for children at the age of 0-2 years.
We recommend you to buy your tickets online, where you can get the tickets at a reduced price.
A visit to the Experimentarium is definitely good value for money, where you can be sure of a day with plenty of fun and learning at one of the best ‘playgrounds’ in the Copenhagen area.

Have fun!

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