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Discover Nørrebro in Copenhagen

Are you into streets with cobblestones, cozy restaurants and coffee shops or shopping? Copenhagen’s colorful Nørrebro has a lot of great places where family members of all ages can shop and enjoy the spring.

Few people know what this part of Copenhagen actually offers. So why not spend a day in this year’s Easter holiday, where you can forget all about the tourists and crowded attractions and instead experience a completely different side of our beautiful capital? A day with coffee, shopping and creative insight. 

Nørrebro shopping and hotel stay

The shopping street and downtown consist almost only of shops, shops and even more shops. Go to Nørrebro and shop until you drop. Here you can get funny, creative and beautiful creations. Each shop has its own character which you have to experience when the opportunity presents itself.

You can for example visit the “other side” of the lakes where you can discover a lot of interesting shops. Or you can go to Ravnsborggade district, Blågårdsgade district and the area around Elmegade (all the places are in Nørrebro) if you like small specialty shops and would like to experience the unique Nørrebro atmosphere. If you’re looking for the more well-known shops like Vero Moda, SportMaster, Moss Copenhagen and Matas, you will find them at Nørrebrogade.

Nørrebro shopping gives you everything you need and more. Even the Queen Louise Bridge is worth a visit. Here’s the sidewalk extra wide and there’s often a lot of local people who use the city as a cozy place to gathering.

You must neither miss the district with the wonderful shopping opportunities and cafes.

Find a hotel in downtown Copenhagen and book your hotel stay today. Then you can plan the entire Easter holiday with help from our little Easter universe. Happy Easter holidays 2017 – we wish you a pleasant hotel stay!

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Easter lunch from all over the world

Look for Ravnsborggade, Blågårdsgade and Sjællandsgade near the Assistants Cemetery. Here you can shop food from the Danish/French kitchen of vegetarian dishes and small dishes with steaks and seafood in a perhaps not obvious but delicious combination.
In addition you’ll find lots of small as well as larger kebab places along Nørrebrogade. Here you can grab a delicious dürüm and take place on a bench and look at the thousands of cyclists who drive to and from the city at this bike highway. Notice the atmosphere that makes you a part of Nørrebro.

Get your coffee on Nørrebro

Nørrebro is known for its cozy coffee shops. Drop by “Røde Roses Kaffebar” on Baldur’s Square to get to jazz from the gramophone into the ear canals and good coffee in the cup. Møllegade 3 is also a cozy little place to stop by to settle down or just to get some takeaway so you have some extra energy for your trip out on the bridge. It is a must that you enjoy quality coffee when you are on hotel stay and having Easter holiday in Copenhagen. The busy city is living its own life while you are enjoying the coffee beans in a cozy coffee shop on Nørrebro.

The stylish playgrounds on Nørrebro

For families with children it’s ideal to look at the faubourg at Easter. Here you will find plenty of opportunities to let your children play in fun and different playgrounds. You can for instance visit the district around Nørrebro like Stefansgade and Jægersborggade. The enclosed playground in the park of Nørrebro is a paradise with everything from the usual playground equipment such as swings, sandboxes and to a boat and an “airplane wreckage” that invites to climbing and fun. In summer when the temperature is about 30 degrees the area will be used for sports and fun with water for the local people to be cooled down. Grown-ups as well as little ones love it. As a parent, you can coordinate the visit with a “to go” coffee or a takeaway oatmeal with roasted almonds, apples and caramel sauce from the popular oatmeal shop in Jægersborggade. And try to go for a walk down the street to experience the true Nørrebro shopping. There are plenty of small unique shops in this creative district.