Easter holidays 2019 – Need some inspiration?

On this page, you will find suggestions for activities during your Easter break 2019. Copenhagen is a city filled with activities for kids and adults. We will help you plan the Easter break of the year and handle your accommodation at one of our central hotels in Copenhagen.

Romantic Easter holiday in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has it all, and romance will be given free rein as love blossoms in the spring. Enjoy a nice holiday in the city and bring your partner for a stay in Copenhagen at Easter 2018. 

Go for a shopping holiday at Easter

Copenhagen offers a mine of exciting shopping streets ready to be explored. If you need a break from your long day of shopping, try one of the city’s many cosy cafés for a nice lunch or dinner during your Easter holiday in Copenhagen. 

Visit the colourful Nørrebro

Nørrebro brings together several different exciting cultures that should be experienced during your Easter holiday in Copenhagen. In Nørrebro, you will find lots of speciality shops, a vibrant atmosphere and restaurants with authentic food from all over the world.

Visit Round Tower during your Easter holiday

Round Tower is one of Copenhagen's most beautiful and historically interesting buildings. Go for a (long) walk to the top and see some of the many shows that the tower offers  when you visit Copenhagen at Easter 2018.

Copenhagen + Easter holiday = Nyhavn

‘Delicious food’ and ‘unique atmosphere’ are key words for Nyhavn. Book a hotel stay for your Easter holiday and get the chance to experience the best of Copenhagen, Nyhavn.

Explore the mysteries of nature at the Experimentarium

At Denmark’s science centre ‘Experimentarium’ close to Copenhagen, you can learn and have fun while exploring the many mysteries of the world. An ideal visit for couples, friends and families looking for an exciting and enriching adventure into. Visit the Experimentarium during your Easter holiday.

Food, shopping and cinema at 'Fisketorvet'

Spending your Easter holiday on a stay in Copenhagen? Then stop by ‘Fisketorvet’ where you can get delicious food, go to the cinema and shop everything you need. 

Fisketorvet offers the perfect surroundings for a pleasant day in Copenhagen during your Easter holiday 2018.

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Easter holiday at the National Aquarium Denmark – ‘Den blå planet’

The National Aquarium Denmark is a unique attraction in Copenhagen where you can spend many hours studying the exciting colourful fish life. The Easter holiday 2018 is a golden opportunity to visit and feed the cute fish.

Experience Tivoli and spend the night at Tivoli Hotel

The adventurous amusement park opens in April, so if you are going on Easter holiday in Copenhagen, you can combine your trip with our Tivoli package. After a day with a lot of fun, a wonderful hotel room will be waiting for you. 

Guided tour in Freetown Christiania at Easter

Only a few cities offer an oasis as unique as Christiania. Whether you are a local or a tourist, the Freetown is definitely worth a visit. Sign up for a guided tour in the Easter holiday 2018 and explore Copenhagen's famous Freetown.