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Terms and conditions

General Membership

  • After applying to the Loyalty Programme, a membership account will be opened and a membership card will be assigned to each applicant. Upon receiving this card, an individual becomes a member eligible to earn loyalty points. Membership cards are strictly personal and only applicants over the age of 18 can be assigned to the Loyalty Programme.
  • In the case of fraud or abuse involving the Arp-Hansen Hotel Group Loyalty Programme, Arp-Hansen holds the right to take appropriate administrative action, including termination of Loyalty Programme memberships. The points earned through the Loyalty Programme may be forfeited and any relevant Membership Account(s) closed.
  • The information provided by the Members to Arp-Hansen Hotel Group and its affiliations when completing the applications is processed in Arp-Hansen’s computer systems. Arp-Hansen holds the rights to use this information to Marketing and Communication purposes by mail, email, phone and SMS.
  • New Members are automatically recruited to Arp White, and a Membership Card will be assigned as soon as Arp-Hansen receives a completed application. The Members will receive their Membership Card within 4 weeks. When Members during the vesting year exceed 15 nights at Arp-Hansen Hotel Group, an Arp Silver Card is issued. When the member exceeds 35 nights, an Arp Gold Card is issued. If the activity level of registered nights is not maintained the Member is automatically assigned a new level.
  • Address and or name changes can be done when you are logged into your profile.
  • In case of a lost Membership Card, please contact Arp-Hansen Hotel Group on phone; 0045 80 30 30 45.
  • Discounts at Arp-Hansen Hotel Group’s affiliations are only valid if informing about the membership when booking.
  • Points are not transferable to another person for any reason, including resignation from membership or death.
  • Arp-Hansen Hotel Group holds the right to change, modify or cancel the Loyalty Programme rules, rewards and reward levels at any time, with or without notion, even though such changes may affect the value of points, or the ability to obtain certain Rewards. Additionally, Arp-Hansen has the right to terminate the Loyalty Programme in whole without compensating members of the programme.

Earn Points:

  • 500 Points are assigned when staying at any of Arp-Hansen’s Hotels (except Wakeup Copenhagen).
  • Members are obligated to inform about their membership when both booking and arriving at the given hotel in order to receive points. Points earned will be assigned to the account within three weeks from the date of check out.
  • Points are given to members regardless of who pays for their stay.
  • No other person but the member may earn points for his/her membership account. Points for a room shared by two members will only be rewarded to one member.
  • Retroactive Points can be registered within 6 months after a stay. However, Points will not be earned for a stay made prior to the date of the Member’s application to the loyalty programme as shown in Arp-Hansen’s records. In order to be assigned retroactive credit, a hotel invoice must be mailed to Arp-Hansen Hotel Group or the specific hotel.
  • The first qualifying year runs from the date of Member registration to the last day of the same month the following year. Membership level and activity level accordingly is always calculated on the basis of the last 12 months continuously.
  • A membership account may be closed at Arp-Hansen’s discretion if no points are accrued during a 3 year period. All Points in the Membership Account will be forfeited at that time.
  • The loyalty programme card cannot be combined with other programmes, e.g. EuroBonus.
  • Unredeemed points will expire after 3 years from the vesting date.
  • All regular-, contractual- and campaign/promotion prices entitle members to bonus points unless stated otherwise. No points are rewarded for free nights, crew, staff rates and employees of Arp-Hansen Hotel Group are ineligible to participate in the Loyalty Programme.
  • Hotel accommodation booked through a online travel agents are not considered as qualifying nights, regardless of the price paid.


  • Points can be used for overnights all weekdays and weekends at Arp-Hansen Hotel Group’s Hotels (except Wakeup Copenhagen).
  • A free night corresponds to 5000 points per room per night.
  • Points accrued by a loyalty programme member are for the Member’s benefit only and may not be transferred to anyone.
  • To use your points for a free hotel stay at Arp-Hansen Hotel Group, please make a reservation and indicate that the reservation will be paid for by the Loyalty Programme points.
  • Loyalty points cannot be transferred and Members cannot put together points as a way to meet the limit for a free night. Points cannot be used as partial payment, and cannot be taken out in cash.
  • Points are valid for 3 years from the vesting date. The oldest points from a member’s Loyalty Programme card will be used first when purchasing a free night. Points older than three years are invalid and will automatically be deleted.
  • All offered reward nights are subject to availability at the hotel. Arp-Hansen Hotel Group allocates a limited number of rooms for such reservations. In case all the allocated rooms are occupied, other rooms might be available in different price ranges.
  • The hotel’s general cancellation policy applies when a cancellation of a free night is made.
  • Information on a member’s account is given only to the member via Arp-Hansen Hotel Group, or by logging on to arp-hansen.dk with both membership number and password.
  • The monetary value of points earned through work related stays and used for private purposes must be declared to taxation and brought up in the member’s tax return.
  • No extra points can be earned when free nights are redeemed.
  • A free night is a standard room for one or two persons incl. breakfast.