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Meeting & conference at Gentofte Hotel

The newly refurbished Gentofte Hotel welcoms you! Hold meetings and conferences here for up to 100 participants. Our many meeting rooms give you a wide range of options in terms of table layout and use of group rooms. It is also possible to book meeting rooms with air-conditioning.


Gentofte Hotel

Gentoftegade 29
DK- 2820 Gentofte
Tel. + 45 3968 0911



Arp-Hansen Hotel Groupe Gentofte Hotel

Ermelunden & Kildeskov Salen

Up to 70 persons
58 + 70 m2

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Meeting room

are the hotel's two spacious rooms, which are perfect for a U-shaped table set-up. Ermelunden for up to 18 people at a U-shaped table, and Kildeskoven for up to 28 people at a U-shaped table. Both rooms are also suitable for other table layouts, such as classroom style for up to 30 and 50 persons respectively.

No. of persons:

  • 18-28 u-table
  • 30-50 classroom style
  • 50-70 theater seating
  • 22-28 meetning table
  • 40-48 banquet
  • 50-70 reception

Jægersborg Salen

Up to 40 persons
50 m2

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Meeting room

is the hotel's highly intimate room, which is perfect for a meeting table seating up to 28 people. The room has a cosy adjoining salon which can be used as a group room or during breaks.

No. of persons:

  • 18 u-table
  • 20 classroom style
  • 50 theater seating
  • 28 meetning table
  • 30 banquet
  • 40 reception


Up to 30 persons
32 m2

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Meeting room

is the hotel's delightful room, which is ideal for a separate dinner in connection with a meeting or conference.

No. of persons:

  • 18 meetning table
  • 30 banquet
  • 30 reception